Git with cygwin and Google code

1. Install cygwin from

2. When you get to the Select Packages section, search for ‘git’ and select all the packages under Devel.

3. Click next and finish installing.

4. Once installed, create a file called .netrc in your home folder. Just do vim ~/.netrc to open a new file. Add the following lines in the file:

password Cf3Xv4nU3sD5
(from Google code source tab of your Google code project)

5. Then, do the following commands in a cygwin terminal:

git config --global "Your Name"
git config --global

6. Then, open up the the file .git/config in your repository folder, after you’ve cloned your repository using the command given on Google code (e.g. git clone

7. It should say something like:

[remote "origin"]
fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
url =

Change the url line so it says: url = (Delete your email).

8. And that’s it! Now you can commit changes and push changes to your Google code repository.


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